• Transportation

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    Developing our skills in line with new developments and advances in bridge design.

  • Marine Renewable Energy

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    Promote and implement sustainability energy sources.

  • Port and Offshore

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    Innovative and reliable engineering solutions for the marine environment.

  • Oil and Gas Engineering

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    Bring energy industry leading experience to your projects.

  • Urban Planning

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    Balance the relationships between people and environmental, ecological and geographical elements.

  • World’s Leading Architects

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    Creative energy and shared passion for great architecture and landmark design.


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Areas of expertise

  • Port and Offshore 

    Our team include over 180 maritime specialists around the world, including project managers, port planners, coastal scientists, offshore specialists, simulation and modelling experts, and engineer divers.

  • Marine Renewable Energy 

    We have extensive experience in renewable energy and offer a comprehensive consultancy service including all the planning, design, economic, environmental, engineering and project management skills required to execute any size of renewable project.

  • Architect 

    We collaborate with the world’s leading architects, developers and organisations. Our creative energy and shared passion for great architecture and landmark design help our clients realise their most ambitious projects, anywhere in the world.

  • Transportation 

    Our specialists have played key roles in some of the world's most prestigious and technically demanding structures, and continue to develop their skills in line with new developments and advances in bridge, highway, tunnelling and airport design.

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Who we are

We deliver planning, design and project management services for infrastructure across the world. As one of the experienced multi-disciplinary consultancies, we contributes to energy, maritime, water, transportation, environmental and other projects in more than 30 countries.

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